Respite Care

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is usually a short-term package of care from someone who isn’t your loved ones regular carer. Respite care from Lizor Care would take place in their own home and allow you, as their usual carer, time to rest and take care of yourself so you are better able to take care of them.

At Lizor Care we understand that for you to provide the very best care to your loved one, you also need to take good care of yourself. Time to rest and recharge is essential, as is having someone you can trust look after your loved one.  Our reliable, compassionate care assistants are fully trained, giving you the peace of mind you need to take that much needed break

Benefits of respite care

  • Reduced levels of stress for both you and your loved one, help to maintain a healthy relationship.
  • Relieved frustrations and possible feelings of resentment.
  • More time for you to interact with family and friends or the wider community.
  • Provides you with the opportunity to work, study, have a day-off or even go on holiday.
  • Your loved one could benefit from interacting with other carers, new stimuli and a possible change to their usual routine.

Types of Respite Care

  • Short-term package – for example if you are looking to take a holiday
  • Longer-term regular visits – allowing you to take a regular break to rest and recharge such as a daily or weekly visit

How can respite care help me?

By having a trusted care assistant support your loved one you will have that much needed time to take care of yourself. You can tend to your personal errands, have some time out of the house and recharge your batteries both mentally and physically. This added support can help you to take care of yourself, meaning you can take better care of your loved one.

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